Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 2.40.35 PMIn a challenging economic cycle, 50 artists received a welcomed year-end bonus for a job well done: each received a $50,000 unrestricted grant from United States Artists (USA).

The advocacy organization has announced the 2009 recipients of the USA Fellowship, which annually recognizes “the caliber and impact” of artists ranging from literature, media and the performing arts to the visual arts and design.

After an anonymous nomination process, each candidate must submit a portfolio for consideration. This year, a panel of experts reviewed nearly 350 applications.

Of the 50 Fellows named, six fell under the “Crafts and Traditional Arts” category:

* Perry Eaton – maker of Sugpiaq Alutiiq wooden masks
* Delores Lewis Garcia & Emma Lewis Mitchell – pueblo potters
* Beth Lo – ceramicist
* Dona Look – basket maker
* Mary Shaffer – mixed media glass artist
* Kukuli Velarde – ceramicist

United States Artists has given away $10 million to 213 artists nationwide since 2006. For more information and a complete list of the Fellows, visit