Join the American Made Alliance this coming May 27-28-29, 2011

(Friday through Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend)

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day outside the Bright Angel Lodge Gift Shop,

Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim

Our nation’s most creative resources have been outsourced:

When National Park Service concessions are selling mostly “Made in China” souvenirs,

authentic American and Native American artist/designers are the losers.

In fact, the tribal organizations and the Main Street communities all across America

are the  losers, too.  They’re being deprived of the economic investment that American artists

could be recycling in their communities … in our communities.

So before you make a purchase, SHOP SLOW:

Take a look at the tag. Ask where the product was made.

Ask for authentic Native American arts and crafts. Skip the imported look-alikes.

Ask for “Made in America” gifts and souvenirs by local and domestic producers.

Urge the National Park concessioners to buy more Made in America gifts and souvenirs and more authentic Native American products.

FOR MORE RALLY INFORMATION:  Contact Wendy Rosen at wendy@rosengrp.com or 800.432.7238, ext. 226